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BULLWORKER. X5. WALL. CHART. Circulation training. 1. Kneel with your knees over one pair of traction ropes. 2. Grasp the exterior rope only with both hands. Bull Worker - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Bullworker X5 is only about 3 feet (90 em) long and weighs. Bullworker® has been redefining fitness for over 50 years with isometric strength training The Most Versatile Bullworker Download Now.

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Bullworker X5 Download

The Bullworker is an exercise device that's used for isometric exercise. It features spring-loaded, click download, print and get your bully on. Merry Isometrics. DATE: AUTHOR: quehimgeo bullworker x5 chart free download Bullworker Exercise Chart 4 WAYS TO ACHIEVE MAXIMUM. Bullworker X5 high-. Impact thermal plastic telescoping handle non-slip cylindrical grip two wear- resistant webbed traction ropes chrome- plated steel tube.

The support from the Bullworker Fitness Group has been fantastic, always something to learn to help with results. I strongly believe that the Bullworker is the best all-around fitness equipment ever made for the human body. It helps me feel better, look better and perform better!!! My wife was so amazed at my results, she got herself a new Bullworker too. Bullworker is one of the best investments I have ever made. If you are struggling with being overweight, hopefully my achievements and story can be of help and encouragement. Friends, you can do it, slow and steady, sometimes you mess up, but forgive yourself and go on. I enjoy a lean fit body thanks to the great fitness programs designed by Chrisman and John Hughes.

November Learn how and when to remove this template message Bullworker is a product and fitness company that specializes in isometric exercise originally marketed and sold in the early 's.

Designed and patented by German inventor Gert F. The study at the Max Planck Institute consisted of over experiments over a ten-year period.

Bullworker X5

Professor James A. Baley put isometrics to the test with a class of college students at the University of Connecticut. The study resulted in the isometric training group improving three times faster than the sports training group on tests measuring increases in strength, endurance, coordination, and agility.

In Bullworker pioneered portable home fitness devices and the 7 second isometric exercise for the fastest strength gains using both contraction and extension movements involving range of motion for all the major muscle groups in one light weight and compact fitness tool at a price everyone could afford.


Bullworker exploded on the fitness scene revolutionizing exercise for muscle strength to be more effective and much faster. The original Bullworker consists of two sleeved, spring-loaded, telescopic cylinders in the center, with two hand grips affixed at the outermost ends. You feel better and you perform beuer-at work, at home, at play, You waste less lime in hang-ups, hesitation, Indecision. Physical and mental challenges turn you on because you enjoy puttinq your new found strength and mental alerlness to the test.

Some experts contend that after an initial Investment of only six months in fitness training, vou'lt be so turned-on by the improvement in the way you look, feel and perform that you'll be "hooked" on fitness for life, 7 F-t ess a d your age There is no age limit for fitness, Tha only pie your age pi 5 15 in setting the goals you can expect to achieve from fitness trl'!

Young men who participate activslv in sports or perform regular fitness training frequently attain levels of strllngth, coordination. This gives them a lifetime headstart sine a high level of fitness onca attained is relatively easy to maintain or regam Even the athlete who has let himself slil!!

By persevering with the training. Your goaf in this ege group shauld be the coordinated development of off your major muscle groups.

Compare the measurements on the right and left sides of your body Many men are lopsided in their development Now is the time to correct that tendency. Once a high level at fitness is attained, most young men In general good health can, by performing a regular training program "itness workout or sports and fi ness combined maintain pea levels of Illness usuallv reached at around 25 for the ne t fifteen years.

If you Were reall fit a. Allow two 10 three week: I make tile brJ'laklhr. A er that t e sky's the limit. Withio p IT'O or so your should are dy be Surpassing your flmass e et of a few years back' a er three menths of training u can e pe I your body to be better developed than ever before stronge nd a"Y close 10 your YOllnge level of starmna Thereafter.

Even if you've nev. Your goal in his age group should be 0 increase your level of all round fitness and maintain your full physical powers well Into your early tonies 9 Over40 Al sometime around age 40, our physical capacities start to decline, No doc lor will argue with that statement; no scientist has yet found a way to reverse the aging process.

The goal in this age group is to maintain a year-old fitness level. If you've been keeping fit all your life, you know how it's done: regular. If you still have the chance 10 participate in an active span, so much the better.

If not. No need to go all out: moderate. No sweat, no strain, no forcing.

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Aher weeks of Bullworker fitness training you'll already feel younger and peppier than you have in years. Continue 'raining for a couple of months and then take stock of your progress, Training thereafter once or twice a week will enable you to maintain your results well Into your sixties.

Train more frequently and you will continue making improvement, as well. If you've never made much of an effort to keep yourself in shape. You should have no difficulty in performing the introductory training described on page If the recommendations for the second and third weeks set a faster pace than you find comfortable, add the new exercises one by one when you're ready.

Some pert of your body that needs building up or trimming down? One shoulder that's a liule lower than the other? Legs that look skinny in comparison to your torso? Discomfort in your lower back after a big night? Chest expansion limited to 2 or 3 Inche's? A lack of muscle definition in your thighs. Neck and shoulders that tend to slouch forward when you sit for long periods- an occasional stiff neck?

See Ihe training recommended on page Maintenance training. Among the many advantages 01 Bulfworker fitness training, the ease 01 maintenance training is perhaps foremosL With most sports and fitness training programs. With Bullworker, on the corurarv, one single workout per week enables you to maintain your gains indefinitely, See page Each of these training programs is designed to let you progress at your own personal pace.

If you want to step-up the training rhythm or slow it down. The name of the game is movement. Watch a group of kids on a playground or even an infant in his crib.

Stretching, pulling, pushing.

Yel they continue eating land drinkinglthe same amount-and often a little more. Changes in body rneesurernentsere gradual at first: an extra couple of Inches around the mlddla.

Bul under the skin a chain reaction has been tusedtbat spells trouble. As fat depeelts form around muscle, the range of muscle movement ls restricted. Unless this process Is reversed through exercise, the muscles begin 10 a,trophy-slowly waste away to the point where their strength Ijjvells nil. The same phenomenon occurs when muscles are immobilized in a cast for even e lew weeks. Musclefone is lost, then resilience end str'ength. It was during a research project for testing muscle reeducation iechnlques that the amazing eff.

Bullworker X5 and more at

Scientists lound tha,t even after prolonged periods of neglect. Use your muscles to perform the right kind of exercise and thav can regain resilience.

The physiological process is a very simple one.

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